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Everything on the outside

Covering All of Your Exterior Painting Needs

From the foundation to the chimney

Wood, vinyl siding, stucco, or painted brick — our team can transform it. Quality products, flawless application, and attention to character-adding details like exterior painting on windows, trim, and doors are all part of the Trailblaze Touch.

Power Washing

Every service begins with thorough power washing to remove dirt and debris for the smoothest finish.

Window and Trim Painting

Crisp lines and attention to detail keep your windows and trim looking sharp.

Stucco and Fence Repairs

Expert repairs ensure your surfaces are in the best possible shape for painting.

Metal Door Painting

Add a pop of color with durable finish and a high-end, attention-getting look.

Wood, Stucco, Brick, Vinyl Siding Painting

Smooth, durable solutions that withstand the elements and cover all the nooks and crannies.

Paint Spraying

Efficient coverage for large areas coupled with meticulous re-rolling means a rich, even, flawless finish.

Quality from start to finish

Our 4-Step Exterior Painting Process

Inspection, Preparation, Application, Clean-up

Your process begins the moment you book your free, no-obligation estimate. Expect impeccable communication, professionalism, and attention to detail from the start.

A person writing on paper as they perform and interior painting and exterior painting inspection.

1. Inspection

We come to your home for a 90-minute estimate that includes a detailed inspection. You’ll receive a cost estimate and a timeline proposal based on your specific exterior painting needs.

A man covering non-paint items to prepare for exterior painting and interior painting of a home.

2. Preparation

We take this step very seriously. Our team masks windows, concrete, plants, and other vulnerable areas. They also power wash, sand, caulk, prime, and make repairs to your home's exterior as necessary.

A person on the roof of a two-story, blue home applying exterior paint.

3. Application

We apply high quality paint products in your chosen colors. Whether we brush, roll, or spray, your surfaces receive at least two coats of paint for maximum coverage.

A gallon of paint sitting on the floor of a home for interior painting.

4. Clean-up

We leave your home spotless when the job is done. You’ll walk through your property with our production manager to ensure the work is done to your satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost depends on the size and scope of the project. Factors include damage repair needs, square footage, type of surface, and more. Set up a free estimate with us to get the most accurate pricing for your interior painting project.

Exterior painting in the cold winter months can be tricky. Paint products typically advise against use when the temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, and rainy weather prevents us from painting altogether. If inclement weather affects your painting project, we will work with you to reschedule as soon as possible.

Usually, depending on the scope of the damage. We offer stucco repair and other light carpentry services to ensure your paint job looks flawless. We can assess your repair needs during your free estimate.

Before your painting crew arrives, please clear any major obstructions from the perimeter of your home. Our crew will protect and cover hedges, plants, and grass near your home that may be vulnerable to paint splatter or damage during your service. If you have pets, please keep them safely inside or away from the crew while they paint.