Lazy 5 Ranch Mooresville NC: The Affordable Safari Experience

Welcome to Mooresville North Carolina! A proud part of the fast-growing Charlotte Metro Area. Within this town lies a surprise like no other, a budget-friendly Safari for the whole family. This paradise has been under the care of the Hampton clan for over thirty years. Lazy 5 Ranch is the perfect place to spend your lazy days off with loved ones.

The facility showcases 750 different species of animals both exotic and domestic. Some of the rare treasures which the ranch vows to protect from extinction are the Grevy Zebra, Scimitar Horned Oryx, and Ring-tailed Lemur. The fauna at present is a representation of 6 continents.

Fly high with our Feathered Friends:

Our beaked warm blooded buddies flawlessly flaunt their garb in the ranch. The friends you can see up close are the Indian Blue Peafowl, Egyptian Goose, Australian Black Swan, Lady Amherst Pheasant, East African Crown Crane and Guinea Fowl to name a few.

Trek the road with Horned species from ancient days:

In history cattle has been frequently a source of inspiration. In Greek mythology as an example is the Minotaur and the zodiac sign Taurus. But here in Lazy 5 ranch you get to see fact and not fiction. The array of breeds awaiting to welcome you are the Scottish Highlander Cattle, African Watusi, Yak, Texas Longhorn Cattle, Brahma, Pygmy Zebu, American Bison and Swamp Water Buffalo.

Witness the movement of graceful Deer and Elks:

The hoofed Cervidae mammal family are majestic creatures and very pleasing to the eye. Here in the ranch you can see them in all shapes and sizes. The fauna present comprises of the Fallow Deer, Japanese Sika Deer and Rocky Mountain Elk. Plus an meet the real life version of the beloved children’s classic Bambi in the persona of the Axis Deer.

Experience Africa meet the Antelopes:

Majority of the 91 species of Antelopes are native in Africa. Some of these are housed in Lazy 5 Ranch! The residents waiting for you are Ellipsis Waterbuck, Nilgai, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Eland and Blackbuck.

Birds that cannot fly? But they make it up in size:

Flightless large muscular and long-legged birds are classified as Ratites. They possess strong legs and can run at great speed on land. That makes up for the short coming of not being able to fly. The two legged feathered runners that can be met in ranch are the Ostrich, Rhea and Emu. Come see them flocking in pride.

The sibling species Sheep and Goats:

A domestic favorite who are willing to be petted but please still keep caution. The furry family has long been a helpful to man since the beginning of time. These herbivore domesticated animals are significant sources of milk, meat, skin and fur. The variants awaiting to see you are the Nubian Goat, African Pygmy Goat, Himalayan Tahr Goat, Aoudad, Angora Goat, Suffolk Sheep (Shawn is that you?!) and Dorset Sheep. They promise to give you the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) experience.

Exotic rare finds from around the Globe:

Lazy 5 Ranch in its commitment in giving the full world tour experience also takes care of the following precious specimens. From Asia, the chubby Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig. Witness the beautifully colored and distinct Koi Fish. The best desert companion the Dromedary Camel.

South American finds such as the social animal Peccary that likes to travel with their squadron. The South American Camel also known as the Llama. From down under Australia the largest marsupial, the outback resident Red kangaroo is also present.

And last but not least representatives of Africa the African continent. The Wide-eyed shy but playful Ring-tail Lemur. The solitary and territorial African Spur Thigh Tortoise. And of course the tallest mammal in the world the Giraffe who is willing to lean down towards your food bucket.

Get to know the Four Legged Equines:

Equines are simply known as modern horses, zebras, and donkeys. Our stripped friends the Grevy Zebra’s are all present and awaiting your acquaintance. Other members of the Equine family in attendance are the Sicilian Donkey, Standardbred Horse, Mammoth Donkey, Percheron Draft Horse, and Belgian Draft Horse.

All these wonderfully made by God’s creations are readily present in one place. At a minimal fee, you can have a quick trip around the world. Come with the whole family and spend a meaningful day with us!

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