Lake Norman State Park Mooresville NC

Lake Norman State Park Mooresville NC is one of the region’s most recognized mountain biking locations on North Carolina’s largest artificial lake, with 30.5 miles of the single-track course. In addition, with more than 7 miles of hiking-only trails, kayaking, fishing, a sand beach with a bathing area, and standup paddleboarding, there’s something for everyone.


Lake Norman State Park Mooresville NC the state’s biggest lake spans 32,510 acres and has 520 miles of sandy coastline, giving it the moniker “inland sea.” Duke Power Company erected the Cowans Ford Dam from across Catawba River (in the early 1960s) to provide energy for the area, resulting in Lake Norman’s formation. In 1962, they donated property on the lake’s northern shore to build Lake Norman State Park. Long before Lake Norman, the region was inhabited by the Catawba Indians, who left behind pottery pieces, arrowheads, and other artifacts. Forts and towns were erected nearby by Europeans and early Americans, notably Fort Dobbs.

Lake Norman State Park, which is open all year, is a perfect place for anybody wishing to enjoy various outdoor activities while taking in the stunning views of Lake Norman and the neighboring woodlands. Continue reading for suggestions on places to stay, play, and dine around Lake Norman State Park.

Lake Norman State Park is a popular RV destination in North Carolina, including the state’s largest artificial lake. The charming pinewood woodlands with hickories, red maples, and oaks are found in this beautiful state park. Mountain laurel, wild blueberry, and strawberry plants are among the rich wildflowers and plants to be discovered. Wildlife and birds like foxes, wolves, white-tailed deer, tortoises, and Carolina chickadees abound in the woodlands and waterways of Lake Norman State Park. The park is surrounded by the gorgeous waters of Lake Norman, making it a popular place for water sports throughout a trip to the Carolinas. For more information on City of Mooresville, find their website.

This magnificent state park has over 30 miles of trekking and bicycling paths with forest-lined paths and lakefront views, making it a refuge for outdoor activity. Lake Norman is a boater’s paradise, with calm waters ideal for pedal boats, kayaking, and canoes. Bait your hooks and cast for bass, fish, and crappie if you enjoy fishing. During the summer, the entire family may spend an enjoyable day at the swimming area. For more information about local services, contact Trailblaze Paints.

Lake Norman State Park is located in a historical location that includes Native American heritage and conflicts fought during the French and Indian War. Summer season is hot, with temperatures in the eighties, while winters are pleasant, with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Lake Norman State Park is a fantastic site to experience the peacefulness of nature and the adventure of outdoor activity no matter what time of year you visit North Carolina in your RV.

By RV or automobile, Lake Norman State Park is easily accessible. The park is located in Iredell County and is accessible via I-77 and US-21. In addition, various local roads will lead you to the trailheads, campsites, and lake access area, among other places in the park. RVs and trailers are not subject to any limitations when it comes to driving.

In the park, there are two primary parking spaces. The first parking lot is at the Lake Shore Trail Trailhead, a swimming pool, a picnic area, and bathhouses. The Visitor Center, near a picnics shelter and the Hawk Loop, has a second parking lot. Parking for RVs and trailers is provided. If you are planning to stay overnight, you can park at the campsite.

Family Campground on Lake Norman

There are 33 tables and chairs, pads, and grills available, 25 of which will fit your RV. These are back-in sites that can accommodate anything from `forty-foot trailers to seventy-foot rigs. There are no connections; however, a dumping station and water spigots are close. On-site amenities include restrooms, fire rings, showers, and drinking water. You might select from a shaded woodland location to a gorgeous lakeside place. Pets are permitted on these sites, which are limited to six persons per site. Take advantage of the rural environment and walking route that surrounds the camp. The use of a generator is only permitted during the day. Reservations can be made anywhere from one day to eleven months ahead of time. Even 70-foot RVs can easily navigate the routes in and out.

From April to November, groups can use walk-in venues. Parties of 7 to 25 persons are welcome at these locations. For your convenience, there are BBQ grills, picnic areas, drinking water, and bathrooms nearby. Beautiful hiking trails are only a short walk away; however, the group sites do not have car access, so park your RV in the main lot.

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