Online Interior Painting Price Calculator – Guide

Published 3/10/2023 by Jack Magee

Interior painting can give your home a fresh new look and feel. However, before you start your painting project, you’ll need to plan and budget for the cost of materials and labor. Click HERE to visit our online interior painting price calculator!

The interior pricing calculator form is an online tool that allows you to get an estimate for painting a room or an entire house based on various inputs. In this blog post, we’ll explain how to use the form and get accurate estimates for your painting project.

Selecting Room Sizes

Once you’ve chosen the project type, the next step is to select the number of rooms for each size range. The form breaks down rooms into three categories: small, medium, and large. The size ranges for each category are as follows:

  •  Small rooms: 3’x3′ – 7’x7′ 
    • Hallways – These are fairly easy to paint as there’s not heavy furniture in the way and it is a relatively small space.
    • Half Baths – These rooms tend to be easy to work around. We’ve got the tools and know-how to get behind those pesky toilets
    • Closets – When it comes to closets, the hard part is typically for you! We ask that homeowners remove clothes and personal belongings. Closets tend to be where we encounter 99% of the things that we ask the homeowner to move… After the stuff is moved, it’s relatively easy!
    • Laundry Room – This is another area where we give homeowners options. Washing Machines can be prone to breaking their water line when moved. Because of this, we do not move Washing Machines. We can paint behind them with our tools very thoroughly.

Half bathroom interior painting Hallway-Interior-Painting Closet-interior-painting

  • Medium rooms: 10’x10′ – 15’x15′
    • Bedrooms – We take care to move and cover furniture, remove wall decor, and work meticulously around fixtures such as bed frames and dressers.
    • Full Bathrooms – Our team takes extra care to work around fixtures such as bathtubs, showers, and toilets, while also paying attention to details such as mirrors and cabinets.
    • Kitchen – We protect appliances and cabinets, taking care around backsplashes and countertops to ensure a smooth and even finish.
    • Stairwell – Stairwells tend to have tricky ladder angles. These spaces require additional time to properly navigate.

Stairwell Interior Painting Kitchen Interior Painting Full Interior Bathroom Painting Bedroom interior painting

  • Large rooms: 15’x15′ +
    • Bonus Room – Our team works diligently to navigate any built-in shelves or entertainment centers, while also taking care around windows and doors to ensure a beautiful finish.
    • Living Room – We carefully work around fireplaces or large windows, while also taking the time to pay attention to details such as molding and baseboards. In rooms with high ceilings, we use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure a flawless finish.
    • Foyer – Our team pays close attention to detail when painting foyers, which often have unique features such as high ceilings, intricate trim, or curved walls. We take care to protect floors and other surfaces while creating a beautiful, welcoming entryway.

Bonus Room Interior Painting Foyer Living Room Interior Painting

For each category, select the number of rooms that need to be painted. If you don’t have any rooms that fall into a particular category, select “0”.

Choosing the Project Type

The first step in using the interior pricing calculator form is to choose the project type. You have two options: Single Room or Entire House. If you’re only planning to paint a single room, select the Single Room option. If you’re planning to paint multiple rooms, hallways, or other areas of your home, select the Entire House option.

Ballpark Pricing

The estimates provided by the interior pricing calculator form are ballpark figures and may not be 100% accurate. To get a 100% accurate quote, click on the provided link and provide more detailed information about your project.

Additional Resources

If you’re new to interior painting, you may have questions about the factors that determine how much it costs. The interior pricing calculator form provides links to additional resources that can help you understand these factors. You can also check out the provided FAQ’s for answers to common questions about interior painting.


The interior pricing calculator form is a useful tool that can help you estimate the cost of your painting project. By accurately selecting the number of rooms for each size range, you can get a ballpark figure for the cost of materials and labor. To get a 100% accurate quote, click on the provided link and provide more detailed information about your project.