Neighborhoods in Mooresville NC

Mooresville happens to be a playground for plenty of diverse cultured groups which attract all walks of life. It is the most diverse area in North Carolina that comprises both wealthy and classy communities altogether.

Started back in 1873, the town certainly matured well and maintains the beautiful environments preserved by the conscious habitants. Mooresville, NC town is a delightful town to explore with numerous opportunities for adventure always.

If you intend on living there, there are plenty of neighborhoods to pick from. The following article points out the best ones and why they are worth your time.

Neighborhoods of Mooresville, NC

1. Curtis Pond

If anyone wants to join a growing neighborhood, then the Curtis Pond area is just the best place to call home. Curtis pond Mooresville NC is home to young professionals in their prime and other like-minded people.

Housing is pretty affordable in Curtis pond Mooresville NC, and the landscape is a beautiful sight for every morning. The schools in the neighborhood have excellent performance, thus making it great to raise a family.

The Curtis pond Mooresville NC has many resort facilities such as top-notch restaurants, the Olympus pool, and a children’s playground. There are also safe and beautiful walking trails for all sports enthusiasts.

2. The Point

The Point is an excellent neighborhood of Mooresville right on Lake Norman. The community holds the famous Trump National Golf Course, the ultimate golfing experience with the breathtaking view of the lake’s shorelines and evergreen golf course.

The community also has a central point for all residences, The Village. It comprises the Tavern Restaurant, their Bakery, and a well-selected General Store. It also consists of miles of exhilarating walking trails, a tennis center, an excellent swimming complex, and the Lake Club. The Lake Club is the best networking point of The Point, which is on Trump National Golf Course premises.

3. Cherry Grove

Another fantastic neighborhood, which has maintained its quality and homeliness over the years. Situated 15-20 minutes from Downtown Mooresville, Cherry Grove offers a great escape from the busy town activities but convenient proximity just to make it in a few minutes.

It is excellent for relocation and perfect to raise a family in. There are plenty of social amenities to engage in, such as a regular-sized pool, kiddie pool, green and tarmacked playgrounds, a clubhouse ad excellent walking trails.

4. Bridgeport

Here is a renowned neighborhood, which lies just along Langtree Peninsula. It offers proximity to the hustle and bustle of Mooresville yet maintaining a calming aura rich enough to ease any day’s troubles. It is highly recommended for picnics and all other outdoor activities.

The properties sitting directly on the water have private lifts and docks, but other public areas are available for use. Some notable amenities to enjoy in Bridgeport are fishing grounds, a community ramp, secure boat parking, green fields for your brunch picnics, and even a tennis court.

The neighborhood has numerous entertainment spots open all year round and is quite affordable to acquire property.

5. Bells crossing

Bells Crossing neighborhood is a unique community to live in. The area is home to some of the most magnificent and exemplary properties in the entire Mooresville.

Moreover, property owners of Bells Crossing are highly invested in energy systems, hence taking good care of the environment. It is a growing neighborhood and poses a great network to engage in.

Some of the standard amenities include wooded resorts, a clubhouse, and a swimming pool. The walking trails are pretty amazing and offer state-of-the-art dining places for special occasions.

6. The Farms

Another highly rated neighborhood in Mooresville is The Farms. It developed into a very welcoming community in the past two decades, with both waterfront properties and others close. The neighborhood consists of five phases, all with wooden-style homes.

Some of the social amenities available at The Farms are a community swimming pool, a clubhouse, and a great tennis court. The neighborhood offers a beautiful community to grow with, especially for young couples and families.


All in all, the entire Mooresville is a homely community, primarily offering the luxurious lifestyle that comes with proximity to a water body. Moreover, the lands are divided into huge pieces ranging from at least one acre in the middle to upper-end communities, offering enough exclusivity for owners.

Starting from Curtis Pond Mooresville, NC, to The Point, there is always a home for everyone in this beautiful town.